TTC ‘Ride the SUCK’

TTC culture’s sour, report says

It’s not just a series of isolated incidents that have caused the TTC to lurch from one public relations nightmare to the next but a “culture that has become too accepting” of slacking off on the job, a TTC staff report states.

That same report, to be voted on at Wednesday’s monthly commission meeting, calls for the formation of a customer service advisory panel to help get the transit provider back on the rails.

“Our assessment of the events in recent weeks is that these matters are not just isolated incidents, but an indication of a culture that has become too accepting of performance that does not always meet expectations,” the report states.

In the past several weeks riders have been giving the TTC the TMZ treatment, with passengers using their cellphone cameras to capture ticket collectors sawing logs on the job as well as drivers taking their sweet time to attend to personal banking and coffee breaks.

“There’s a number of things short-, medium-, and long-term that we’d like to do on the customer service file that will help improve customer service for the TTC and its riders,” said TTC spokesman Brad Ross on Saturday.

“There’s some things that we can do fairly quickly and there’s others that will take time.”

Ross said that if supported by the commissioners, the advisory panel would likely consist of riders, management, customer service consultants, and possibly an official from another transit agency.

Ross also said that public consultations would take place and that ultimately the panel would draw up a riders’ bill of rights.

A recent, blistering memo from TTC chief general manager Gary Webster to the transit system’s 11,000 employees explained how he is “becoming increasingly tired of defending the reputation of the TTC, tired of explaining what is acceptable and what is not, and tired of stating the obvious, that much of the behaviour being reported is, indeed, unacceptable.”

Last week, TTC union boss Bob Kinnear lashed out at Webster for singling out frontline workers when he himself should be taking responsibility.

Webster “takes no responsibility for any management decisions that have adversely affected service and led to great customer dissatisfaction,” Kinnear said.

The report to be presented Wednesday says despite the “small percentage” of workers not meeting expectations of their employer or their customers, big changes still need to happen.


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One response to “TTC ‘Ride the SUCK’

  • luisyork

    I am a commuter and have been for a long time and I must confess that the bus services that the TTC provides are deplorable. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve been late for work, or any type of appointment because of bus delays. I have witnessed incredibly rude behaviour from drivers on a consistent basis, and not because they’re having a bad day as this article so graciously points out.

    The commuters themselves are being blamed for the state of the TTC. Apparently we’ve become too accepting of mediocrity, and the grand finale is a fare hike and shit service.

    As a commuter I want one simple thing-for the bus to be at the stop when its supposed to be there and I know its asking too much, but it would be nice to get a seat by someone who doesn’t smell. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but the TTC can’t even get that right.

    Management is blaming the workers, The Union is blaming management, the employees are most likely blaming us, so it seems that the blame game is being played and the fact remains that immediate change is necessary.

    In light of recent events the spotlight has been put squarely on how the TTC will resolve some of these issues. They’re putting in place new customer service programs, online bus schedules and a bunch of other crap. This is all good and dandy but I ask only one thing, can the bus be there on time, and will it cost me an arm and a leg?

    When I first read this article I thought it was a joke, however after some thought it did begin to make some sense. I have had many opportunities to make complaints about some aspect of the TTC but truth be told I have never followed through. I’m not sure if it was do to laziness or a cynicism that feels nothing will ever change. The sad reality is that the TTC has a very strong hold over the city of Toronto and until that changes they will continue to exercise this power over us by making outlandish demands and providing sub par service.

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