Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Continued…

McGuinty turns down HST public hearings

Premier Dalton McGuinty won’t agree to hold public hearings on the HST across Ontario, but says he expects voters will pass judgement on the new tax in 2011.

The opposition parties are vowing to ring the bells and use other legislative delaying tactics until the Liberal government agrees to public consultations on the harmonized sales tax.

McGuinty said Wednesday that people can call talk radio or write letters to the editor about the 13 per cent single sales tax, adding he would be surprised if voters don’t consider the HST in the next Ontario election.

He says that’s when people will have an opportunity to pass judgment on the government for introducing the HST.

Progressive Conservative critic Lisa MacLeod says it’s going to be a long November and December for the Liberals if they try to “ram the HST legislation through” without public hearings.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says McGuinty needs to hear directly from people about the fears they have about the impact of the tax, which takes effect next July.

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2 responses to “Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) Continued…

  • Mike

    We all know NOBODY can stop the lies,thefts and deception from the taxpayers by the elected officials. The comunnism will continue and the elected dictatorship will still occur. We also all know McGuinty is a criminal and supports government racism. There is now way to stop him, AT ALL!

    • luisyork


      Part of me definitely agrees with you. It’s difficult not to take on that perspective when you see our government straying from the common good of its people. However part of me can not agree with you at all. I must still believe that our elected officials are put in place legitimately, that for the most part they are striving to reach a concensus in legislation to please the majority if not all of its citizens, and above all I must believe that if they are not doing their job, that WE the people have it in our power to remove them from power. Yea I know its Democracy 101, but I have to believe it still works. Helps me sleep better at night. Thanks for the comment, and don’t feel so defeated. Communication and discussion is always the first step. Change will come if we really want it.


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